Hans Haacke quotes

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«The working premise is to think in termns of systems; the production of systems, the interference with the exposure of existing systems.
Such an approach is concerned with the operational structure of organizations, in which transfer of information, energy and/or material occurs. System can be physical, biological or social, they can be man-made, naturally existing or a combination of any of the above. In all cases verifiable processes are referred to.»

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reference:Joseph Kosuth:Art after Philosophy and After,Collected Writing, 1966-1990,published in MIT Press Verlag,1991, page 58


«Mir ist es unangenehm, als ‚politischer Künstler‘ ausgewiesen zu werden. Die Arbeit derart etikettierter Künstler ist in Gefahr, eindimensional verstanden zu werden.»

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