Lee Krasner quotes


«I think, if one is a painter, all you experience does come out when you’re painting.»

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«We get used to a certain kind of color of form or format, and it's acceptable. And to puncture that is sticking your neck out a bit. And then pretty soon, that's very acceptable.»


«I like a canvas to breathe and be alive. Be alive is the point. And, as the limitations are something called pigment and canvas, let's see if I can do it.»


«I like to surprise myself. I have to be interested in what I’m doing. Surprise, for me, is as important as it is to anyone that views it once it becomes a painting.»


«I never violate an inner rhythm. I loathe to force anything.. I don't know if the inner rhythm is Eastern or Western. I know it is essential for me. I listen to it and I stay with it. I have always been this way. I have regards for the inner voice.»


«If you can't get out of school and get off the campus and experience life in the world of reality, that's pretty depressing. There's a lot of what I call campus art around now. And I think campus art is fine while you're in school. But that’s your early stages of learning. If you're a pianist, you have to learn your keyboard.. but then you’ve got to get on with it."»


«It would start with a color, a form, and it begins dictating to me what's needed in terms of color as well as form.»


«All my work keeps going like a pendulum.. it seems to swing back to something I was involved with earlier, or it moves between horizontality and verticality, circularlity, or a composite of them. For me, I suppose, that change is the only constant.»

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