Takashi Murakami Zitate

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«I don’t think of it as straddling. I think of it as changing the line. What I’ve been talking about for years is how in Japan, that line is less defined. Both by the culture and by the post-War economic situation. Japanese people accept that art and commerce will be blended; and in fact, they are surprised by the rigid and pretentious Western hierarchy of ‘high art.’ In the West, it certainly is dangerous to blend the two because people will throw all sorts of stones. But that's okay—I’m ready with my hard hat.»


Quellenangabe:Magdalene Perez (June 9, 2006), THE AI INTERVIEW: Takashi Murakami, ARTINFO, retrieved 2008-04-24

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«Die Kluft zwischen Hoch- und Trivialkultur ist nahezu verschwunden. Stattdessen ist eine im wörtlichen Sinn 'superflache' Kunst entstanden.»

Quellenangabe:Art Now Vol. II,erschienen im Taschen Verlag,2005, Seite 322

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