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Dan Graham
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«I'm interested in inter-subjectivity, exploring how a person, in a precise and given moment, perceives him/herself while at the same time watching other people who in turn are watching him/her.»


Quellenangabe:Dan Graham interview Pietro Valle

Thomas Hirschhorn
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«I'm interested in the 'too much,' doing too much, giving too much, putting too much of an effort into something. Wastefulness as a tool or weapon.»

Ellsworth Kelly
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«I’m interested in the mass and color, the black and the white, the edges happen because the forms get as quiet as they can be.»

Quellenangabe:Ellsworth Kelly:Ellsworth Kelly: A Retrospective,1997, Seite 11

Giorgio Morandi
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«What interests me the most is expressing what's in nature, in the visible world, that is.»

Quellenangabe:Interview for the "Voice of America"

Donald Judd

«I didn't want to get into something which is played out and narrow. I want to do as I like, invent my own interests.»

Richard Deacon
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«It was that ability to evoke those kinds of responses—looking like, resemblance, and so on—which I had been trying to create. It requires a certain level of ambiguity, a certain ...»

Quellenangabe:An Interview with Richard Deacon by Ian Tromp

Richard Deacon
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«I’m interested in the fact that there is a continuity between the world and materials, that the material is of the world but also sustains an imaginative response, so that ...»

Quellenangabe:An Interview with Richard Deacon by Ian Tromp

David Hockney

«Any artist will tell you he's really only interested in the stuff he's doing now. He will, always. It's true, and it should be like that.»

Ellsworth Kelly
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«In 1949, I ceased figurative painting and began works that were object oriented. The drawings from plant life seem to be a bridge to the way of seeing that brought ...»

Quellenangabe:Diane Upright:Ellsworth Kelly : Works on Paper,1987, Seite 9

Lee Krasner

«I like to surprise myself. I have to be interested in what I’m doing. Surprise, for me, is as important as it is to anyone that views it once it ...»

Jenny Saville

«I like making work in my studio day in and day out, but I'm not so interested in the business side.»

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