Kunst Zitate über painting

Elaine de Kooning
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«A painting to me is primarily a verb, not a noun, an event first and only secondarily an image»


Quellenangabe:‘’It is, No.4, Autumn, 1959.’’ Magazine for Abstract Art, Second Half Publishing Co., New York pp. 29, 30.

Francis Bacon

«You see, painting has now become, or all art has now become completely a game, by which man distracts himself. What is fascinating actually is, that it's going to become ...»

Francis Bacon

«Painting gave meaning to my life which without it it would not have had.»

Francis Bacon

«It (painting) can be as violent as fucking, like an orgasm or an ejaculation. The result is often disappointing, but the process is highly exciting.»

Frank Stella überAd Reinhardt
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«He can't play the game anymore. But nobody can get around the paintings anymore either. If you don't know what they're about you don't know what painting is about.»

Quellenangabe:Joseph Kosuth:Art after Philosophy and After,Collected Writing, 1966-1990,erschienen im MIT Press Verlag,1991, Seite 7

Donald Judd
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«The disinterest in painting and sculpture is a disinterest in doing it again, not in it as it is being done by those who developed the last advanced versions. New ...»

Quellenangabe:Joseph Kosuth:Art after Philosophy and After,Collected Writing, 1966-1990,erschienen im MIT Press Verlag,1991, Seite 25

Donald Judd

«I don't think anyone now would say that they're painting the state of the culture of America. I think that's too grand and pompous a thing for anybody to claim. ...»

Theo van Doesburg
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«We speak of concrete and not abstract painting because nothing is more concrete, more real than a line, a colour, a surface.»

Quellenangabe:Anna Moszynska:Abstract Art,1990

Richard Diebenkorn

«I seem to have to do it elaborately wrong and with many conceits first. Then maybe I can attack and deflate my pomposity and arrive at something straight and simple.»

Richard Diebenkorn

«When I am halfway there with a painting, it can occasionally be thrilling.. But it happens very rarely; usually it's agony. I go to great pains to mask the agony. ...»

Richard Diebenkorn

«I want painting to be difficult to do. The more obstacles, obstructions, problems.. the better.»

Richard Diebenkorn

«In a successful painting everything is integral.. all the parts belong to the whole. If you remove an aspect or element you are removing its wholeness.»

Damien Hirst

«Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity.»

Franz Kline

«The final test of a painting, theirs, mine, any other, is: does the painter's emotions come across?»

Franz Kline überJackson Pollock
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«When Jackson talked about painting he didn’t usurp anything that wasn’t himself. He didn’t want to change anything, he wasn’t using any outworn attitude about it, he was always himself. ...»

Quellenangabe:Evergreen Review, vol. II, (no 6) autumn 1958, p. 11-15

Georgia O'Keeffe

«Objective painting is not good painting unless it is good in the abstract sense. A hill or tree cannot make a good painting just because it is a hill or ...»

David Salle

«Ever since I started painting, I have tried to get the fluidity and surprise of image connection, the simultaneity of film montage, into painting.»

Julian Schnabel

«A lot of what I do is about being in the moment and I think that's hard for people to get. I like it when things suddenly affect the painting. ...»

Frank Stella

«The paintings got sculptural because the forms got more complicated. I've learned to weave in and out.»

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